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Michaelpatrick’s journey June 3, 2008

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I started this blog after reading the Gay Catholic blog found at http://gaycatholic.wordpress.com

We share a common journey, a difficult, sorrowful one leading us to hope and love. Mercy has had a transformative effect on my life and helps me on my way. Simply put without it I wouldn’t be here. I would have ended it a long time ago. Some background may help. I am a fourth son of five boys from a Catholic family. My parents were a loving couple who held together through some difficult times to give their sons the best they could. My dad worked his way up from poverty in a working class family to be a world leader in his field. My mum brought up the kids and kept house in an equally impressive manner. She sacrificed her own life for the others in her family. Of course these sacrifices come at a personal cost and they manage in the best way they can to deal with them. A generational story that many know is of a father busy with work who with a tacit agreement of the mother has a clear delineation of duties on the home. We learn well our interactions through the generations. Most of what we learn is not spoken overtly but is reinforced through examples of society, church and family. This is all well and good if you fit into the ‘model’ but when it comes to people who are The Other you make your own path and this is a page about that journey.


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