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The inner voice June 3, 2008

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We all have an inner voice. Some call it conscience, others the subconscious, others the Holy Spirit.  To me it is a friend, sometimes an annoying friend that points me in a direction that I do not want to go.  You may not hear it yet but as you still your life it will come to you.  In practice it is like a carpet is laid out for you and you are meant to walk down and the voice is pointing you in that direction but sometimes there are interesting things to see that are not on the carpet and they seem to be more fun.

This voice is pretty quiet and does not yell, so to hear it you have to be still and meditate.  By this I mean just sit somewhere comfy and talk.  Talk out loud if it feels good.  Let out all your worries and concerns, then just be quiet and listen.  Ask questions and wait for the answer. It can take time at first but it is like talking to a friend who can only whisper.  You have to listen to understand.  It is like someone is whispering but they are in you.  Traditionally it is called an inner locution.  I call it the loving voice. Gentle, pure, kind and engaging.

You hear a voice but are unsure, well that is reasonable. There are many things that could be. Memories of comments people have made to you, recollections welling up from your subconscious, go with them, you probably have things to remember and think, talk to God about and finally let go. Perhaps you are being reminded of something in your past so you can deal with it in a safe space.

How do you distinguish between voices? Well it takes time, but the inner voice is calm, gentle, it has never been angry or fierce to me.  Never has it suggested I had to do something right now.  If the Gifts of the Spirit include wisdom, counsel, understanding, reverence and awe — the voice of the spirit isn’t going to be fierce or impatient.

So what has the inner voice said to me?  A lot, mainly very plainly.  Often they are names of people, who I pray for.  I pray that they are loved and are loving, that they are treated with mercy — that is love for the miserable.  It has educated me on my real state, during my mid twenties it kept on telling me ‘You are loveable’ that lasted for year or more and I was deeply troubled by this as I did not believe it.  Then in a worked up state one night I yelled out ‘Why?’ as in why was I loveable and the answer was gentle and simple ‘You are beautiful and worthwhile‘.

Everyone is beautiful and worthwhile.  Worthwhile means worth while or worth time.  Everyone is worth God’s time and by spending time with people we let them know we think they are worth us just being with them. It took me years to accept that and still I struggle with it.  There are so many questions they are almost never ending, why am I beautiful? am I? why am I worthwhile? Am I beautiful in my heart? The voice says ‘yes‘ to that.

If I am like that why am I single?  Why aren’t I loved? ‘It will come’

Finally, the voice doesn’t speak through intoxication.  Even a few beers makes it hard to work out what is happening. Drinking often is a killer of an inner spiritual voice.  I haven’t had drugs so can’t comment.

So if you want to hear the voice in you, start looking after yourself, start loving yourself a bit and talk things out in prayer. Then listen.


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